Paradiem is a legacy and financial planning organization who help families and businesses maximize value, minimize taxes, and optimize giving. Paradiem exists to build and sustain lasting, multi-generational legacies. Before engaging with JDA, Paradiem had a bifurcated brand structure that did not maximize its full suite of solutions catered to high net worth individuals and families. In need of a clear brand strategy and brand story, Paradiem turned to JDA.


JDA rebranded and renamed Paradiem with great intention and thoughtfulness. Para, meaning “beyond” and diem, meaning “day,” spoke to the brand’s desire to plan for legacy and financial services that go “beyond the day.” Not just short-term gains. JDA re-launched a single, consolidated brand that married all of the advantages the Paradiem brand possesses.

JDA didn’t just come up with a brand and logo, they did a deep dive into our company and how it works before ever starting with the branding process. Their rebranding of our company was spot on with our mission and values and included a story that fed into every detail, from the font, to the angles in the shield. Their staff is attentive, thorough, responsive and a joy to work with.

Thea LoweryVice President of Family Legacy, Paradiem